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If you adopt one our beautiful puppies, be sure to email us a review.

It helps potential costumers make a decision, based on your experience. 


Eva lives in Auburn, IN

My husband and I had our last dog for almost 15 years. When we started looking seriously for a puppy and checking with some breeders, we got little or no response. Then my husband came across Whispering Meadows Puppies. My husband texted me a picture of Eva. My reply was, "she's adorable," and that started everything in motion. When I got home that evening I texted to see if Eva was still available. I received a prompt reply that Eva was available. From then on Denise was so kind and quick to respond to my many questions, explain the payment options and pick-up procedure. Denise also kept us updated with pictures of Eva. We have since renamed Eva to Macy Grace. You can see that the Schmucker family are very caring and passionate about their puppies. When we arrived at Whispering Meadows to pick up Macy we met Laura and some of the younger children. Our whole experience with Whispering Meadows has been "Great" and we would recommend them to anyone looking for a puppy. Macy has been the answer to our prayers. Thank you Victor, Laura, Denise and the whole Schmucker family for a wonderful addition to our family.
Barb & John
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Prince lives in CO

I am the happiest proud mama of “Cruz” whom we’ve renamed “Prince”.
He arrived October 17th here in Colorado, and we couldn’t be happier or more blessed with his supreme love and brilliance.  He is absolutely darling and growing fast.

He was potty trained so fast and has been amazingly easy to train in all ways.   He has grown in all his new incisors and now lost his lower k9s! Other than learning to not chew my hand, or want to bite my gloves🤣,he is just the smartest,and so sweet to everyone he has met.

Many people getting puppies keep saying, “how is he so perfect already? No accidents and so well behaved? He is perfect. What is going on?”

I teach music and am a singer and he just curls at my feet during lessons and knows when lessons end and plays and snuggles between lessons. He loves the music and just wants to be right there when we are singing.

Anyway...I could go in for hours...🤣

We wished to send you some pics of his growing sweetness.
Also desiring to wish you and your family and all the dogs, a very Merry Christmas.
We are so grateful to you and the warm loving kindness of his upbringing. He is the happiest healthiest little bundle of magic I’ve ever dreamed of having.
Enjoy these pics and please know he is cherished so supremely.

Happy Holidays,
Désirée, Mike and Prince


Charlie lives in Saline, MI

I adopted Charlie on October 12, 2020. From the first contact with
Laura and Denise at Whispering Meadows I felt that I was definitely in
the right place to get a puppy. I have always wanted an Aussiedoodle,
and I was so happy when I got the call that a litter had been born in
August. They asked me if I had picked out a name, which I had, Charlie.
So they started calling him that when he was very young. Every week or
two they would send me “pupdates” and pictures of my sweet boy.
Charlie is so sweet, gentle, smart and very well socialized. I can’t thank
Denise and Laura enough for such a wonderful experience. They were
so helpful and professional with the entire adoption process from start
to finish. They contacted me a few days after I picked him up to check
on him. What wonderful people! I will be referring friends to
Whispering Meadows most definitely. I feel so blessed and lucky to
have my new sweet pup Charlie.
Christine Williams
Saline, Michigan

Ember Luna lives in Harwich, MA

I received Ember Luna as an early Christmas present on 10/6/20. I was looking for an Aussiedoodle. When I came across Whispering Meadows website. I chose Ember Luna from her many adorable pictures. Denise was so kind & answered all my many questions, patiently and cheerfully & very promptly (I had many questions). This was my first experience purchasing a puppy online. Ember Luna arrived to me safely & healthy. She is doing great. She is absolutely beautiful  & very smart. I love her and adore her very much. I would definitely recommend Whispering Meadows puppies to anyone interested in purchasing. Denise again thank you so much for your absolutely patience with me. 

Best, Krystal Ashman & Ember Luna 

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Libby lives in Indiana

We loved working with whispering meadow puppies, they breed beautiful puppies. Special shout out to their daughter Brooklyn, she did an amazing job of socializing our new puppy with kids. Overall it was an amazing experience. 


Thank You,

Dusseau Family

Saige lives in Cincinnati, OH

We just wanted to thank you again for opportunity to get one of your wonderful puppies.  Saige has been a great addition to our family.



Apollo lives in Mountain View, CA

Apollo Goldendoodle.jpg

Cash lives in Altamont, IL

Last year in October we walked with our younger son into a pet store looking to adopt a Goldendoodle puppy for our older son. We saw Sparta and fall in love with him, But our older son was not ready to adopt the puppy yet, so we just got the owner’s name of the paperwork. Around Christmas I googled Victor and called him. He was very polite in explaining when they would have the next litter of puppies. They had a litter in March and in May. We choose the one in May, because worked better with our son’s work schedule. On May 1st Victor send us pictures of the newborn puppies that we would l have a chance to adopt from. He was very informative about the process and the steps that we have to follow. Denise kept sending us pictures of the puppies every week as they grew. Victor and Laura told us that the earliest we could see the puppies was when they were four weeks old. We arranged the visit and we meet Laura and Victor  and their family for first time. They are very polite and a lovely family. We spent some time cuddling the puppies, they even brought the mom to feed them. It was a great experience and our younger son was able to pick a boy and a girl for his older brother - Apollo and Athena. We took a lot of pictures for our older son. The next three weeks Denise send us a lot of pictures and videos of both puppies. Our older son chose Apollo and we left Laura know. We were almost ready to bring Apollo home. Laura explained the adoption process to me in details, asked me what paperwork we needed for the airline (I was flying with Apollo to his new home SF). On June 25 I drove to Victor and Laura’s home to pickup Apollo. They had everything ready his paperwork, his bag. The next few weeks I kept texting Laura with questions about the puppy and she replied every time with a lot of details.

I would use their services again, we will be adopting another puppy for our younger son. 

We received the best services that we could have from Laura and Victor.

Thank you,

Olia, Vassil, Ivan and Stoimen Mladenov

Itasca, IL / Mountain View, CA


We purchased a puppy on

10-19-2018. My wife and I are very pleased with the puppy we received from Victor & Laura and their family. The buying process was very simple and painless. When I called they were very informative and answered all our questions that we had on the breed. We are  blessed with a very active puppy and we can't do anything but give him back the love he gives us!

I would definitely use their services again for any future puppies that they may have. They even met us halfway with our little fur baby! His name was Apollo but we have renamed him Cash (after Johnny Cash because he is a little man in black)! Thank you again Whispering Meadow Puppies for your promptness and professional help with our purchase!

Shawn & Tammy Kearney

Altamont, Illinois

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